With the drag and drop function, you can drag any sections you would like to be on the event site. The contents that are available are:


i. Header/Event Banner

ii. Event Description

iii. Event Details

iv. Event Sponsor

v. Event Map



Users will be able to create more than 1 design of the event site. However, you can only activate 1 design at a time.


a) To create your site:


i. Click on the Add New Button




ii. Start designing your site by drag the content to any row you prefer. 




iii. If you want to add the row, you can click on Add NewRow button and if you would like to arrange the row, simply drag the row to any position.




iv. To edit/amend the content, double click on the row and the system will open the editor for you to edit the content




v. If you would like to insert an image to the content, click on the image icon on the second row (3rd from the left) and follow these steps:

a) Click on Browser Server



b) Click on Add File Button




c) Choose your Image and click Upload. Once the image has been uploaded, close the window.




d) Click on the filename that you have uploaded and click Select

- All the file that has been uploaded will be available at highlighted area

- As for the Site banner, recommended size would be 1600 pixels for the image width and no restriction on the height. Using Image with a width lesser than 1600 pixels may results to poor image quality (pixelated)





e) To ensure the image display properly when viewing in mobile, leave the height and width blank




f) Click OK


v. To close the editor, click “X” at the bottom right of the content editor




vi. To save your microsite, click Save

vii. You may find the registration link under Settings, copy and paste the link in google and it will redirect you into the form.


To edit the existing template, you can just click on the template name to edit the content of event site.