i. Click on Generate Custom Report Button




ii. Insert the Report Name

iii. Select the module (Ticket or Attendees) and the Related Module

a) Ticket Module

- Ticket module allow you to generate report based on the ticket informations in the system such Ticket Name, Ticket Description, Ticket Quantity, Ticket Currency, Ticket Price, Ticket Start & End Date, Ticket Category, Ticket Sale, Promo Name, Promo Type, Promo Amount, Promo Quantity, Promo Start & End Date


b) Attendees Module

- Attendees module allow you to generate the report based on the attendees information that are available in the system which include all the ticket details, attendees details such as First Name, Last Name. Mobile Number, Email Address, Designation, Department, Registration Type, Bill Payment Status, Bill Ticket Price, Bill Ticket Price Paid


iv. To choose which information that you would like be in the report, drag any of the Available Columns to Selected Columns




v. To view the Report, you can click Run button. You can always Save the report after you Run it




You can use the button at the top right to EditSave or Export the Report. Once save, the report will be available at the Event Report Page.