Event Settings in divided in 6 sections;

  1.  Event Settings
  2. .Payment Options
  3. Check in Options
  4. .RSVP Options
  5. Site Options
  6. Reply Form Options

  1. Currency – Attendees pay for the tickets in this currency. 
  2.  Registration Timer – Attendees need to complete registration within the time or the reservation will be released to public
  3. Event Page Link – you can personalize your page link name 
  4. Facial Recognition - This features availability is based on the package you subscribe
  5. Self-Check-In
  6. Enable WhatsApp Confirmation - you will allow participants to get confirmation with a ticket via WhatsApp
  7. PDF Ticket – You also will have an option to enable or disable the e-ticket in your confirmation email.
  8.  Multiple Ticket Purchase function is for group registration. By enabling this option, you will allow participants to purchase multiple ticket with a single registration.