Enable Reply Form - Option to allow your guest to update their details upon RSVP


Attendee Update after RSVP - Allow attendees to update their basic details such as Name, Email & Position after RSVP


Invitation Waiting List - Guests that respond ‘Yes’ after it reached the number you set at Max. Email Invitation Responded ‘Yes’ will go to the Waiting List (only if you enable Waiting List)


Max. Email Invitation Responded ‘Yes’ - This feature allows you to set the maximum number of recipients that can attend to your event by clicking ‘Yes’.


Invitation End Date - You also so can set the end-date for the invitation whereby once the date is passed, any respond from the invitation will not be recorded.


‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Button Text - You can customize the RSVP button text. The system will automatically use the default RSVP button if you leave RSVP button text field blank.

 Note : The width of the RSVP box depends on the word that you put at the RSVP box

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Background color - You can customize the RSVP button color.