Attendees Module allow the user to manage the attendees for the current event. Only paid, pay later and RSVP Yes will be shown here. 

This module allow you to check on the number of people that has registered to your event, resend confirmation email to your attendees, change the ticket type, switch the payment status of the attendees (only if you enable Pay Later in your registration form) and export attendees list to excel file.




Add Attendee (Adding Attendee manually from the system will exclude the payment part, therefore user need handle the payment manually if necessary)

  1. Click on Add Attendee
  2. Select Ticket to be assign to the attendee



  1. Enter promo code if you have any
  2. Click Continue
  3. Fill up the registration form and click Save
  4. Choose payment status 
  5. Click Register


Attendee will automatically receive the confirmation email and invoice)


To edit the payment status from pending (Pay Later) to Paid


  1. Click on the 3 dots
  2. Choose View Ticket



  1. From the View Ticket table, click on three dotted button again then select Paid.



To resend the confirmation email (payment status must be paid):

  1. Click on the three dotted button
  2. Select “Resend Confirmation Email




To export the attendees list to excel file:

  1. Click on Action function 
  2. Select Export
  3. Download the excel file